Jackson Friendly Home is a 'real home' for aged ladies where they can spend their years in peace and happiness.

Mission Statement

The Jackson Friendly Home is a licensed home of the aged for ladies 55 years of aged and older. Jackson Friendly Home provides a high quality lifestyle for ladies who do not need a nursing home, yet are unable to completely care for themselves.

A Long History of Caring

Established in 1878 in a small home on Oak Hill, the original "Home of the Friendless" opened its arms to widows and children of Civil War era veterans. The current building and grounds were established in 1908 and is an historic icon.

Jackson Friendly Home Core Values

Provide affordable living to the residents
Uphold the care, respect, and dignity of the residents
Provide a supportive family environment
Maintain a well-trained, high-quality  caring staff
Respect the history and traditions of the Jackson Friendly Home
Meet and exceed the highest standards of care and service

Provide accurate and honest information to residents, staff and supporters