Stacy Garza Executive Secretary

Lauren Easton Activities Director

Brooklyn Anthony

Tammy Baldridge

Joyce Bettendorf

Erica Bonney

Samantha Buhler

Karen Fritz

Rahman Glenn

Raquel Hemminger

Jewel Keller

Patsy Lewis

Katherine Marks

Kaytlin Noppe

Melissa Norris

Kallie Owens

Deloris Peterson

Faith Pierce

Marguerite Rowley

DeAnna Smith

NiKay Stock

Bethany Svinicki

Scarlett Wentz

Kathy Wertzbar
Our loving staff considers Jackson Friendly Home more than a job. We care for each resident and assist in performing duties with the care and professionalism they deserve.

Staffing at the Jackson Friendly Home includes:

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  • Ÿ Administrator on duty Monday through Friday and on-call

  • Ÿ Resident Supervisor on duty 24 hours to assist with medications
  • Ÿ Building maintenance
  • Ÿ Laundry and Housekeeping staff maintains a clean, quality environment      
  • Ÿ Cooks and kitchen staff work to provide a pleasant dining experience


The Jackson Friendly Home is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

435 W. North St, Jackson Michigan 49202


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